Friday, July 25, 2008

6 july 2008

here is a new piece of work i am working on. it has turned out to be a piece that i will project for now. there is a sound element to it. but here are a few stills from the movie. i set out on july 6 and recorded 2 minutes of sound for 2 minutes every hour that i was awake. the contact microphones that i made created accidental drawings. i documented them with photographs i wrote really quickly about what i heard in the location. i recorded the sound. and then i went on with whatever i was doing. here are a few images. you may see some changes in the weeks to come.


Demian Johnston said...

this is all super cool... hmmm... ever thought about having a small booklet and cdr to accompany these projects? I would be interested in helping out. do you know Cole?

julie benoit said...

i have thought about a small booklet...lets talk!!!