Monday, May 05, 2008

bottles of sound

sunday. 4 may 2008.

i decided that i wanted to figure out a way to cut the bottom of a glass bottle off and contain speakers in bottles. i had a feeling that the glass would make the sound sound nice. i was right.

i set out sunday morning with two glass bottles in a cardboard box that were playing the sound of laughter. i used some laugh tracks that i had made. and put a track on repeat. and i allowed the bottles to do their thing. i set up the bottles at a few different locations. some spots were a bit more successful than others.

each time i set the box up i would move out of the way and watch people as they interacted with the piece. the reactions i got were pretty much what i expected. most people kind of stopped for a second and realized the sound was coming from what seemed like a box of trash. they would giggle a little. or at least smile. a few people actually stopped entirely even attempted to take the box apart. i was a little nervous because my ipod was in there.

i found the park location to be the most successful location i have chosen thus far. it was quiet enough in the park that one would notice the laughter in passing. and people seemed less on a mission there so they actually stopped. i set up on a few street corners but didnt have too too much success because of the loud sound of traffic passing by. i was amazed by the people that did not even stop. that did not even notice.

this is a project that i am really just getting started. so keep your eyes open. and your ears too. maybe you will get a chance to stumble upon some of my new sound works.