Monday, January 21, 2008

room of laughter

i am currently working on this piece. i am collecting laughter from different sources. all people that i know in situations that i am physically involved in. i am interested in the interactions that happen amongst people. the common everyday experiences that we all share. i have installed the piece once now. and have found a few problems. nothing major though. i am working through the little problems. i am attempting to include one of the many laugh track on this entry. it should work.

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onebyone said...

yo yo! kewl stuff, i will give it a more in depth look very soon. i dont know if i made it clear but i really am a huge sound/music dork. last night i played with my synthesizer for like 2 hours straight (started to go bonkers).

check me out:
(try Perfect Panda Lovenest)

byebye nice meeting you

onebyone said...

o, this is caleb btw from Karmas