Thursday, October 11, 2007

16 juy 2007

i sent out an email to folks to gather information. in the email were these guidelines. july 16, 2007 please set an alarm to some time between the hours of 2 and 3 pm.  if you choose to not use an alarm try and be aware of said amount of time during this time.
2. when alarm sounds recognize what your thoughts were the in the moments just before alarm went off.
3. whatever your thoughts were write them down and get them to me. i would prefer email. you can also send an email to me at but i need you to call and leave a voice message. to me at 443.226.1761 . please be sure to leave the time in your message. down to the minute.
4. be honest please. i want the truth. i want to know what your random thoughts are at an exact moment.

the response from people was really interesting. and rather exciting. so many people responded. i actually had more voices than i did speakers. each speaker is playing a loop of one individuals voice. a room of 24 speakers. 24 voices.

images from this piece are the few to follow.

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